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Archie - Architect Template



Elevate your architectural firm's online presence with our stunning Wix Studio template! This feature-rich solution allows you to showcase your projects in a captivating way, attracting new clients and establishing your expertise.


  • Visually Captivating Design
  • Project Management Features
  • Client Testimonials
  • Contact Forms & Integrations
  • Mobile Responsive & SEO Optimized


  • Visually Captivating Design: Showcase your architectural masterpieces with stunning galleries, high-resolution images, and interactive elements.
  • Project Management Features: Organize your projects seamlessly, categorizing them by type, style, or location.
  • Client Testimonials: Build trust and credibility by featuring positive client testimonials on your website.
  • Contact Forms & Integrations: Make it easy for potential clients to reach you with strategically placed contact forms and integrations with your CRM.
  • Mobile Responsive & SEO Optimized: Ensure your website looks flawless and ranks higher in search results with a mobile-responsive design and built-in SEO features.

How to download?

Just click on the download button and you will get the file. Once you get the file import it to your Wix Studio.

Responsive Design

Your website will look good and function perfectly on any device.

Easy Customization

Make it yours! Adjust colors, fonts, layout, pages, graphics—anything.

Simple Setup

Follow easy, step-by-step instructions. Use built-in settings.

Become a Webflow Template Expert

Take our free Webflow template editing course and customize any templates for your business.

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