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WordPress vs Webflow

Ashok Chavada


Aug 1, 2022

Webflow is a new tool but very powerful but the other we have WordPress which has been in the market for so long and have its own benefits.

WordPress vs Webflow

Are you planning to create your business website? Don’t know which technology to choose for your website? Well, I’m going to show you the difference between WordPress and Webflow so that you can choose a technology option for your website.

I have started my career with WordPress and have built so many WordPress based themes and websites for my freelance clients. I came to know about Webflow in 2016 and started playing with it and seemed easy to create a website and since then I’m using both WordPress and Webflow to build business websites for my clients.

Here’s the list of items you should consider before going with WordPress or Webflow:

  1. Pricing

  2. Hosting

  3. CMS (Content Management System)

  4. SEO

  5. Plugins

  6. Speed

Let’s see the difference between WordPress and Webflow in detail:

Pricing: When I put WordPress and Webflow services in front of my client they always ask me about the pricing of WordPress and Webflow. And here’s my reply to that: Both WordPress and Webflow are free to use but in Webflow you get only two projects free with a limit of 2 pages per project.

WordPress is open source which means you can use it however you want but if you want to use pre-built themes they have thousands of cool themes available for every business vertical.

Hosting: When it comes to hosting I really like Webflow because they have an in-build hosting facility whereas in WordPress you have to buy hosting services from hosting providers like Hostgator or Hostinger. Webflow provides free SSL with their hosting where for WordPress you have to buy it or some hosting providers provide it for free.

CMS (Content Management System): Both the technology provides content management system where you can manage your content like blog and portfolio for your services. Webflow’s CMS is very easy to use compared to WordPress because in WordPress you have to do everything manually like database editing and new pages creation from back-end where in Webflow you can create all those things from your interface in no time. So that you can save your time and focus more on your business.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Very important part of any business website and that is SEO to rank high and get found on Google.

WordPress is purely built for blogging and if you create your blogs on WordPress platform then you get a proper structure by default provided by WordPress but in Webflow you have to create blog structure manually but they have their in-build SEO functionality so from that point of view you can use both WordPress and Webflow.

WordPress has lots of free and paid plugins available that can help you create a good SEO friendly content but unfortunately Webflow doesn’t have such kind of plugins available yet.

Plugins: I’m not sure how many plugins I’ve tried for my own WordPress website because they are countless whereas in Webflow they don’t  have that many plugins except their own but you can use an online tool called Zapier to link your favorite apps with Webflow.

Speed: If you want to test it yourself then just open up your browser and find a website which is built using WordPress and Webflow. Then go to Google’s page speed insight and paste two URLs one by one and you’ll be surprised by the results because compared to WordPress Webflow is faster but if you want to make your WordPress website faster then use AMP by Google and it will increase the speed of your website like ours.

I hope you had a great time reading my post on the difference between Webflow and WordPress and I’m sure, now you’ll be able to choose a technology for your business website.

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