February 24, 2023

Top 10 Great Looking & Free Responsive Webflow Templates

Ashok Chavada

Webflow Expert

Top 10 Great Looking & Free Responsive Webflow Templates

Want to get your next project up and running quickly? Check out this selection of the top 10 free Webflow templates for your next project. Each template has been hand-picked for its great design, as well as its ease of customisation.

Building websites on Webflow is very easy. but when it comes to customizing Webflow template it becomes more easier for business owners to launch their website within 3 days if everything is ready in hand like imagery, SEO title and meta description and website content.

In this article, We will share Top free Webflow templates selected by our Webflow experts.

Reasons to choose free Webflow templates

There are multiple reasons but being a Webflow Expert we believe core aspects of any website or a template must have following features:

  • Mobile responsive design: It means your template supports all size of devices from small to large.
  • SEO optimization: These templates are made using semantic structure for better SEO optimization.
  • CMS ready: Where you can manage blogs, team members, and etc. from CMS.
  • Speed and performance: Google hates slow websites and we too. Theses templates loads very fast.
  • Features: Latest Webflow features like CSS Grid and Flex box.

If you really want to rank high on Google then always keep above mentioned features in mind when creating your Webflow website or customizing a Webflow template.

Now that we have discussed about the important features to look out in a template. let’s take a look at the Top-10 FREE Webflow templates selected by our Webflow experts.

Note: New to Webflow? Read our step-by-step guide on What is Webflow? the ultimate guide for beginners

10. Portfolio Template by Webflow

source: www.webflow.com

If you’re a freelancer or an agency looking to showcase your projects with minimal and advanced animations then we think this template for you.

Live preview: https://uncommon-template.webflow.io/

Download link: https://webflow.com/templates/html/uncommon-portfolio-website-template

9. Blog Template by Webflow

Source: www.webflow.com

This template is useful for all kind of business because it has different layouts. You just need to change typography and colors to match with your brand tone.

Live preview: http://notable-template.webflow.io/

Download link: https://webflow.com/templates/html/notable-blog-website-template

8. Coffee Business Template by Webflow

Source: www.webflow.com

This template can be used by any local business or especially by restaurants and coffee shops. You can also leverage Webflow’s e-commerce feature to sell merchandise to your community.

Live preview: https://coffeestyle-template.webflow.io/

Download link: https://webflow.com/templates/html/coffeestyle-business-website-template

7. Furniture Business Template by Webflow

source: www.webflow.com

I personally like this free e-commerce Webflow template because you can use it for all kind of online businesses that selling products. You can connect Stripe or PayPal with this template to accept payments.

Live preview: https://luma-template.webflow.io/

Download link: https://webflow.com/templates/html/luma-retail-website-template

6. Fashion Website Template by Webflow

source: www.webflow.com

If you’re planning sell clothes online using Webflow then this is the best template you can select for your website to go live within week of time.

Live preview: https://grit-template.webflow.io/

Download link: https://webflow.com/templates/html/grit-fashion-website-template

5. Restaurant Business Template by Webflow

source: wwe.webflow.com

If you’re looking a Webflow template for your restaurant or cafe business website to attract local customers. Propel could be another option for you.

Live preview: http://propel-template.webflow.io/

Download link: https://webflow.com/templates/html/propel-business-website-template

4. Restaurant Business Template by Flowbase

source: www.webflow.com

I love this template and we have helped one of our clients from Fairhope to customize it for his Cafe business. We’ve also customize CMS and E-commerce for him to sell merchandise.

Live preview: https://chomp.webflow.io/

Download link: https://webflow.com/templates/html/chomp-restaurant-website-template

3. Retail Business Template by Pablo Ramos

source: www.webflow.com

If you’re into retail business and looking to get your new website live using Webflow template then this is can be the good start for you. Preview the live website and I’m sure you’ll love it.

Live preview: https://mariela.webflow.io/

Download link: https://webflow.com/templates/html/mariela-retail-website-template

2. Fitnesso Business Template by Uros Mikic

source: www.webflow.com

If you’re a gym owwner and looking to generate more leads for your business then this fitness template can help you achieve your business goals.Webflow template for a local business by Uros Mikic.

Live preview: https://fitnesso.webflow.io/

Download link: https://webflow.com/templates/html/fitnesso-fitness-website-template

1. Farm/Multipurpose Template by TweakDesigns

source: wwe.tweakdesigns.in

The number we have in the list is our own designed and developed responsive and animation friendly template. This template can be used for OrganicFarm business and for other businesses too.

Live preview: https://organic-farm-template.webflow.io/

To download this template send request to ashok@tweakdesigns.in

Thank you for reading!

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