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How to transfer a Webflow website to client's account

Ashok Chavada

Web Development

Aug 1, 2022

Learn how you can transfer your Webflow website to your client's account within 2 minutes.

How to transfer a Webflow website to client's account

Do you know how easy it is to transfer a complete website to your partner's or client's account in Webflow? It takes less than 2 minutes to transfer the project in Webflow. That's how simple Webflow is.

Here are the steps to transfer your Webflow project:

1) Login to your Webflow account

2) Go to project setting as shown in the video or below image.

3) There is an icon next to share project. Click on that icon to start transfer.

4) Finally, Add the email address of your client's Webflow account and hit the transfer button. You can also transfer SEO and Hosting settings too but it is up to you.

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